Screen Light – x suho paper memorial museum

The Screen Light echoes our fascination with the merging of past and present cultural values.Light rendered through a screen can reveal its shy and ambiguous, yet intriguing nature. A different placement can present different perspectives and characters of light; direct orindirect; subtle or vibrant.


By a simple rotation of the lamp, the screen can either serve as diffuser to provide a warm glow, or become the backdrop to the radiance of brilliant lighting.

$140 USD
Retail price
Fan: Handmade paper from Taiwan Suho Paper Museum.
Base: Ash wood with brass lid
Wire: 1.8 meter black cord with switch

Product Spec


E14 max 5W LED

* Bulb is not included.

1. Black paper seats can be cleaned by water.
2. Beige handmade fiber paper is NOT waterproof.
Blanket cleaner recommended.

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