The New Old Vase

Positioning a receptacle redesigned to one crafted from wood transforms the cultural imagery of the object: Place the wooden flower ware on top of the linear framework and flowers and plants are free to unfold in the same manner as the outgoing broad-mindedness cultural values of the Western world.


Move the wooden flower ware to the bottom of the linear framework and a miniature world is seen, the outer framework reminds one of a 3D coordinate system surrounding the greenery within.

$170 USD
Retail price
Ø25 x H23.5 cm (on top)/Ø25 x H32 cm (inside)
Frame: Steel wire plated
Container: wax on ash wood

Product Spec


[Copper container]
Note: is designed to have no surface coating. Therefore, the copper surface will oxidize along with time.
▪Maintenance: If you wish to return the surface to it’s original look, please refer to a copper cookware cleaning method.
[wooden container]
▪Note: Can’t be used alone, please make sure that aluminum container is located inside it before you add water.
▪Maintenance: Please wipe water off with paper towel if there’s any water on the surface




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