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Our Story

It is the contrasting peaceful and dynamic qualities of The New Old Light that sets KIMU onto its journey of discovering new soul in old living objects. The traditional form and function of an oriental paper lantern meets with western design aesthetics and transforms into its beautiful new shape for the modern day lifestyles. The deconstruction and reinterpretation of a cultural imagery can also be seen on The New Old Vase when it disassociates itself from having an inherent volume, leaving only a linear structure that blurs the distinct personalities between the East and West.

Besides being poetic in bridging conflicting elements, KIMU’s works also leave plenty of rooms for the user’s imagination and interaction with their playful set-ups. By varying its convertible screen, The New Old Divider can create different spatial experiences and make surprising statements. More or less, up or down, in or out…while a KIMU product always preserves a quiet strength in its appearance, it is also characteristic in desiring conversation with its partnering space, nature, and people. Even though the creative balance of form and function is essential, the completion of every KIMU product is found only when it is being used and loved in every day life.

Kimu Team

Though separated in two timezones, Taipei and Helsinki, we still finish every work without any jet lag by our matchless tacit. We are always combined by every exhibition, inspired through each time we chat, discovered our resonance while browsing around and then, expected the growth of all three of us before the next time re-combining. Three designers, with three different characteristics: artist, confusion and data collection, are always balanced perfectly, which might be the best portrayal for “Three” heads are better than one.

From Helsinki to Taipei, good friends Kelly, Ketty and Alex are the three creative strength behind KIMU. Being constantly inspired by such different cultures, the chemistry between the east and the west naturally becomes the spark that lights up their collaborated works. Perhaps it was the childhood dream of being archaeologists that also led them to focus their design on bringing more classic and traditional objects into modern day life, and they do so by always finding their own beautiful and poetic solutions. Since their formation in 2013, KIMU has exhibited in major international lifestyle events such as M&O, imm cologne and Ambiente. They have also won numerous design awards including Reddot and imm cologne D3, which have encouraged them to continue making their marks in the future design landscape.

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